Thinking of creating a website or cloud software for your organization or business?

Using modern methods of web development, we integrate front-end, back-end and architecture to meet your business needs.

We create dynamic web applications that work for your business and your organization.

Even if your platform is complex and enterprise level and a responsive web app with data storage, or An e-commerce, our web solutions work smoothly and maintain a consistency across all platforms.


CloudBari gives you

Ensuring timely design

Fully dynamic


Better performance

100% Responsive and SEO Friendly Website and Software

Security Guaranteed


Types of websites we do:-


✪ Business Website &  Software

✪ Office System

✪ School/College/University Website &  Software

✪ Personal Website

✪ Blog Website

✪ Training Institution Website

✪ eCommerce Website

✪ Inventory/Store Software

✪ Auction Website

✪ Newspaper Website

✪ Tour/Resort/Picnic Website

✪ Hotel & Travel Agency Website

✪ Hospital/Clinic Website &  Software

✪ Furniture Company Website

✪ Interior design Website

✪ Real Estate Company Website

✪ Engineering/Technical/Construction Website

✪ Group of Company Website

✪ Garments & Fashion House Website &  Software

✪ Interior Design Company Website

✪ Marketing & Even Management Website

✪ Law Firm Website

✪ Firmware File's Website

✪ Financial Association Website &  Software

✪ Even Management Website

✪ And so on...



Contact Us

WhatsApp: +8801849609902


Innovative Front End

Design an eye-catching, innovative, and beautiful front end that speaks to your customers and increase user engagement on your website

User Friendly Back End

Build a reliable, and secure back end to stores and arranges data, and also makes sure everything on the client-side of the website works fine.

Stages of development

Development stages are gathering information, Planning, Designing, Development, Content writing, Testing, Maintenance.